A Website Should be Visually Appealing,

A website is perhaps the most important communication mechanism for your business.  A website conveys an overall message and feeling that should represent your organization.  If it has bright colors and sharp edges, it conveys excitement and energy.

If it includes a beautiful photo with complimentary colors, it can feel elegant and confident.  If it is too cluttered, it can create a sensory overload and be potentially off-putting – and usually harder to find things.

The gallery below illustrates vastly different website headers for the same website.  Each evoke  different feelings and messages.  Your website header image is crucial in making that first impression to your prospective clients.  You want to catch their attention, so that they scroll down and learn more about what you do.

Take a look at my Sites and Testimonials page for several examples of websites with unique header images that convey very different feelings and messages.

Informative and Intuitive,

It is with these concepts in mind, that I build informative and intuitive websites.  My approach is to discuss what you want your website to accomplish, then we work collaboratively to achieve that goal.  If you already have a website that needs an overhaul, we’ll discuss what you don’t like about it or what is lacking.

Please review the About Me page.

If you think I can create or help improve your website, reach out to me!

Cost Effective,

It was not too long ago, maybe 15-20 years ago, you’d spend upwards of $10,000 for a website.  Not today.  With a myriad of website building tools, websites can be built in hours, not weeks or months.  Today’s website technology and plug-and-play features result in a much smaller price tag — $250 to $750, on average.  See my Services Offerings page for more details.

and Leverage Mature Technology.

Did you know that WordPress websites make up 58.7% of all websites or 75 million websites worldwide?  Now, that’s a commanding market share!  But, what it also means is that the technology is proven.  Its mature and widely used.  WordPress has been around for 15 years, and there’s a wealth of online support.  So, you can feel confident that a WordPress website will be robust and reliable.

“Thank you so much for agreeing to work with us on the website for Merica House. Your ideas, enthusiasm and knowledge are inspiring and hopefully contagious! The site looks fantastic! We’ve come 4 decades in a week and while you were on vacation! Brilliant work!”  Father Matthew, APD Board Member