eCommerce Websites, and are all eCommerce websites using Woo Commerce to sell products directly from the website.  They include a variety of shipping options and paypal integration from Woo Commerce to the owner’s bank account.  The site has hundreds of product variations, making it a more complex site for managing changes in stock., is not a WordPress Website, but rather a website, which is a purpose-built platform for photographers to sell their photographs online.  Its a full eCommerce website.  I built all of these websites from scratch, except the Shenandoah National Park Association, which I picked up for maintenance and modernization of its eCommerce and membership processing.

Bed & Breakfast/Rental Websites

The, and websites were already established, however underwent a complete redesign and rebuild to give it a fresh new look and feel – very spa-like with soft greens and whites.  Statistics are run on one site for the owners to determine traffic patterns.  The site was built from scratch as was the site.

Retail Websites

These websites do not sell directly online, but rather they advertise their bricks and mortar retail businesses online.  They include images of their businesses, products, hours of operation, history, etc.  I built most of these websites from scratch.

Book Author Websites

These websites showcase book author’s works and includes links to buy the books on Amazon and other book sellers.  The books are not sold directly on the website.  The sites also include in depth looks into the content of the books, so these sites are very content rich.  I built all these websites from scratch..

Law and Medical Related Websites

These are a private attorney’s website, the Page County Sheriff’s Office website, Page County Commonwealth’s Attorney website (re-election campaign), and a dentist office in Harrisonburg, VA. is a standard lawyer website with services and contact information.  It had support but then one day, the website was gone.  The website administrator simply dropped the ball and let the domain expire and the website was no longer accessible.  Its a common story.  The Sheriff’s website was originally developed in Wix and it was very limited.  The new site uses Divi and includes many bells and whistles in terms of functionality as well as design elements.  The website includes a campaign donation function that accepts donations via a Stripe-DonorBox integration to a banking account.   The dentist website is very streamlined and clean, using the colors from the building sign – blue, white and grey.  I built all these websites from scratch.  The remaining three sites belong to a doctor, specializing in pain and rehabilitation, and specialized exercises for horse riding and golfers.  I inherited these sites, however the golf fitness site had some underlying issues resulting from older SW versions not being updated in a timely manner – some plugins were 12 years old!  These issues prevented me from editing the site and even with GoDaddy tech support, the problems were not resolved.  So we opted to recreate the site using current plugins and the DIVI theme, then replace the broken site with the new one. 

Labor Services Websites

These are small businesses that perform a physical services for their clients, such a grass-mowing.  The is the most basic website, as requested by the owner.  It consists of a single page, with no menu.  The single page includes a slider of images of his work, a description of his services and contact information.  It also has a “grass” border.  It contains all the SEO and robust security of any larger website, but only took 1.5 hours to build.  Sometimes that’s all you need is a basic web presence.  I built all of these websites from scratch, except Uncle D’s Pools, which I acquired for maintenance and redesign..

Non-Profit Websites

These websites all have donation functions, tied to PayPal accounts, and provide a wide variety of non-profit services, from independent living for severely disabled adults, to free medical care, to first responders and a homeowners association.  I built,, from scratch.  I have performed numerous content updates for and configured the online ticket sales for their annual fundraiser for the last several years.