Redesign: Author Website

Christine Trent is a historical fiction author in St. Mary’s County, Maryland.  I began maintaining her website several years ago.   In 2022 I noticed that the theme used on her site was no longer supported, necessitating a change.  And swapping a theme is a drastic change, as the theme is akin to the foundation of a house.  Everything on a website is tethered to the theme.  Since the website was designed and built nearly 20 years ago by a 3rd party, a fresh new design was desired.   She wanted to use teals and golds to match the color scheme of her next book, St. Clements Bluff, released in July 2023. I also created a slider, with a themed slide for each book collection, shown below.  Using the Desire PRO Font (paid subscription), numerous styles can be achieved using its built-in Glyph Palette.   The theme used is DIVI.   Note:  Using your mouse or finger for touch screens and smartphones, slide the vertical divider bar to the right to show the old site and to the left to show new, redesigned website.      

Redesign: B&B Website

This client wanted a redesign of her website to give it a fresh look with a relaxing, Spa feel, so I used light greens and white for a clean style.  The owner had professional photos taken, which makes all the difference.  They also had a virtual 360 tour created and also a video with a beautiful Japanese melody.  Pembroke Springs Retreat is a unique B&B in that it has a Japanese theme.  This website also has a slider with several striking photos that showcase this unique B&B.  The old site was using the Themeforest’s Striking Multiflex theme (paid subscription) and the new site uses the DIVI theme, for which I own a site license, so the client is no longer paying for a theme subscription. 

Redesign: Christmas Tree Farm Website

This client’s farm featured a Christmas Tree farm, corn maze, pumpkin patch, small farm animals and games – very kid-focused.  Then after COVID, he scaled back and discontinued everything except the Christmas Tree business.   So I suggested a website redesign to be more elegant and focus solely on the Christmas Trees.   He agreed and after approving the feature photo (licensed iStock photo), I proceeded.  Using only his existing photos from his fb page for the rest of the website, I was able find some really striking images that show various families enjoying picking out their Christmas tree.