Service Offerings

Service Offerings

This is your one-stop-shop for website support, whether it is creating a new website, overhauling an existing website, and/or providing maintenance:

  • FREE Consultation on website needs
  • Existing website overhaul
  • Designing and creating a new website
  • Configuring analytics to track user traffic and page accesses
  • Implementing security measures to reduce vulnerabilities
  • Implementing legal disclaimer pages
  • Expanding a website for fundraising or eCommerce
  • Providing periodic maintenance updates
  • Informal training for website maintenance hand-off

Hourly Rate

My rate is $50 per hour.  (If you prefer a fixed price contract, then we can do that as well, once the work is scoped.)  The average small business website creation or overhaul takes 5-15 hours or $250 – $750.  The scope of the website effort will fall into 4 categories:

  • Basic Website (no eCommerce) –  where the owner has the content already defined (services/cost/testimonials), and to engage, the client simply contacts the business owner via email or phone on the website.  An example is THIS website.  It could take just a few hours to assemble (2-5 hours or $100-$250), even if its a new website.
  • Content-Rich Website (no eCommerce) – where there are lots of pages and content, including photo albums/galleries, newsletters, reports, lots of affiliations, custom images, a Contact Me page, etc.  This could be a large overhaul or a new website and would fall into the 10-20 hour range or $500 – $1,000.
  • eCommerce Website – where you are actively selling products, accepting credit card payments, calculating shipping costs, and tracking revenue.  The cost of your eCommerce website would be largely based on volume of products and complexity of ordering (customization) – and would likely be in the $1,000 to $3,000 range.  However, if you have/need a small boutique site, selling a fixed set of crafts, for example, your cost could be minimal – $500 or less.  This is because the Woo Commerce plugin, along with a variety of eCommerce themes allow you to build an eCommerce website quickly.  The product list, shopping cart, and checkout pages are already configured, so only product images, pricing and customization is needed.
  • Maintaining the Website – where the majority of the website content has been completed and minor updates are required over time for things like, meeting schedules, new newsletters, new fundraising campaigns, adding and removing persons associated with the business.  In addition, maintenance would include security and software updates, backups, etc. – keeping your website current and safe.  This will likely be between $0 and $50 a month, depending on if any updates are required for a given month.

Step-by-Step Guidelines

  1. Set up a FREE consultation and review of the website.
  2. Agree on the work to be performed with an estimate of hours.
  3. Sign a basic services contract that contains the terms and conditions.
  4. Do the work, communicating with the website owners via email/phone/in person for decisions.
  5. Issue invoice (via U.S. mail or email) for hours worked, pay online via PayPal, Debit or Credit card or issue check.
  6. Decide if you want me to maintain the website or provide hand-off training.

Additional Costs

In addition to my hourly rate, there are a few other (minimal) costs associated to maintaining a website:

  • Domain Name.  For a new website, you must purchase a domain name through or other domain provider.  Typical annual cost is between $.99 and $17.99.
  • Web Host Server.  All websites must be hosted on a web host server, which can be as little as $2.49/month for a single website (typically free for non-profits).
  • WordPress PRO Upgrade.  If you want a specific function that is only available in a PRO version WordPress plugin, then there will be an annual license fee – typically $30-$60 per year.  See Note #1 below.
  • Website building tool.  WordPress is adequate for most websites.  If WordPress is not adequate for your needs, there could be a subscription fee for a specialized website building tool.  See Note #2 below.

Note #1:  Virtually all open source WordPress plugins have a PRO version, which when purchased, unlock more advanced features. The open source version of a photo gallery plugin offers basic slideshow options, like thumbnails and regular slideshows.  But, if you want a carousel or special animation, those likely require the PRO version.  But, a PRO version of any plugin is not necessary to build a website.   In fact, I do not use PRO plugins as a rule, so that your costs are minimal.  

Note #2: A website building tool is the mechanism by which a website is built and maintained.  If your website is built with WordPress (~60% of all websites use WordPress), there is no additional cost, as WordPress is open source (free).  However, if during our consultation, we determine that WordPress is not adequate, then there could be a monthly or annual subscription fee.  This is because there are niche tools for specific types of eCommerce., for example, is specifically designed for photographers, and costs $180/year.  This is because Smugmug includes complete integration for showcasing and purchasing photography, from the photo galleries to the comprehensive product and price lists, shopping carts, payment gateways, print fulfillment at a professional printing lab, and finally shipping.