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My rate is $75 per hour.  

The average small business website creation or overhaul takes 5-20 hours or $375 – $1,500.  I have a basic hourly services contract that you can review HERE.    The scope of effort will typically fall into four categories:


Basic Website (no eCommerce)

where the owner has the content already defined (services/cost/testimonials), and to engage, the client simply contacts the business owner via email or phone on the website.  An example is THIS website (although I threw in lots of bells and whistles here).  It could take just a few hours to assemble (4-6 hours or $300-$450), even if its a new website.

Content-Rich Website (no eCommerce)

where there are lots of pages and content, including photo albums or galleries, reports, policies, sliders, hero images, customization, etc.  This could be a large overhaul or a new website and would fall into the 15-30 hour range or $1,125 – $2,250.

eCommerce Website

where you are actively selling products online, accepting credit card payments, calculating shipping costs, and tracking revenue.  The cost of your eCommerce website would be largely based on volume of products and complexity of ordering (customization) – and would likely be in the $1,500 to $3,500 range.  However, if you have a small set of products, your cost could be less.

Website Maintenance

where the majority of the website content has been completed and minor updates are required over time for things like, hours of operation changes, announcements, etc.  In addition, maintenance would include software updates, backups, etc. – keeping your website current and safe.  This will likely be between $0 and $50 a month, depending on if any updates are required for a given month.

Additional Costs

In addition to my hourly rate, there are a few other (minimal) costs associated with maintaining a website. 

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