Did you know that nearly half of all websites use WordPress? 

That’s about 75 million websites worldwide!  Here’s why:

Plug and Play Technology


WordPress is a plug-and-play tool.  You start off with a basic shell – like a blank canvas.  Then you choose from a myriad of themes (layouts) and plugins (functions) all built by different software companies.  They plug together much like a puzzle.  Plug-and-play means you have numerous choices, but it also means each of these themes and plugins needs to constantly be updated to be compatible with the latest version of WordPress.  It also means that for a theme or plugin to survive, it must strive to be better than its competition.  It’s a win-win for website owners. 

Robust Technology. WordPress has been around for 21 years – since 2003.  That means it’s a robust and stable technology that is not going away any time soon.   With nearly half of all websites using WordPress, the next most popular tool is Shopify at just 4.1%, followed by Wix at 2.3%!  So WordPress is overwhelmingly the #1 choice by website builders and their clients.

Open Source.Open source means its free to use. You don’t pay any license fees for it.  The downside that you will hear from a sole-source solution provider is that “there’s no support if you have a problem!”  Not true.  There is a huge community of WordPress developers that network to share ideas and help each other with problems.  There are private facebook groups, technical blogs, and direct support by the developers of a given plugin or theme.

Competition Breeds Excellence. There are over 5,000 themes to choose from.  These themes are always being updated for improvements, as are plugins.  The WordPress community is self-policing – a bad theme or plugin will receive bad reviews and will subsequently die.   If a plugin has a million active installations and mostly good reviews, that means its widely used and works well.  It also means its support will be there for you long into the future.

Leverages the Best Security. Because WordPress is so ubiquitous, there are great security plugins that protect your website from hacking and other nefarious attacks.  I use the best security plugin, Wordfence.  It literally learns as it goes to provide the best security for your website today and into the future.

Updates are Automated. Some proponents of proprietary website solutions would argue that keeping all those themes and plugins updated is impossible.  Not true.  You can set up automated updates with a flip of a switch.  Automated backups are done daily so if there are any issues, recovery is fast and easy.  It all runs like a well-oiled machine!

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